Laboratory Services

Hermatology :

- Complete Blood Count and Chemistry

- Fibrinogen

- Prothrombin Time

- Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time


Direct Microscopy

  • Fecalysis

  • Microfilaria Test

  • Skin Scraping

  • Ear Swabbing

  • Vaginal Smear

  • Peripheral Blood Smear

Radiography (X-ray) and Digital Imaging





Electrocardiography (ECG)



Grooming package:

- Bath

- Blow dry, hand brushing/combing

- Ear Cleaning

- Hair Cut / Trim in a breed-appropriate style

- Anal sac draining (optional)

- Pet cologne (optional)

Medicated Shampoo:​

Specific shampoos or prescription shampoos can be used to treat your pet’s dry, flaky, or itchy skin. Tell us if your veterinarian recommended a specific product like antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, or soapless shampoo and we will make sure that your pet receives it.

Sanitary Cut:

With a sanitary cut, the fur is trimmed short around the private parts, eyes, ears, and foot pads.

Cat Grooming

Laser Therapy

Sample Treatments
1.   Acute and Chronic Otitis
2.   Back Pain
3.   Chronic Pain
4.   Wounds and Infections
5.   Post-Surgical Incisions
6.   Hip Dysplasia
7.   Tendonitis andOsteoarhtritis
8.   Cartilage and Ligament Repair
9.   Lick Granulomas

Other Treatable Conditions:
•  Bone Repair
•  Bursitis
•  Dermatitis
•  Sprains and Strains
•  Tendon Repair
•  Ringworm



Video Endoscopy is among one of Angeles Pet Care's diagnostic methods to visualize the lumen of hollow organs like esophagus, stomach, small intestines, colon, vagina, ear canal and nasal passages. It can also be used to guide foreign body retrieval.


Other Veterinary Services

Spaying and Neutering
Whelping Assistance
Pet Microchipping

Veterinarian with Dog

Pet Shop and Pharmacy

We offer a wide range of pet products including pet food, toys, clothes, accessories. We also complement our efficient treatment with extensive pharmacy services.

Dog Food